Book Review: Forever Cash

Fast Cash bookI’ve always had a lot of respect for Jack Bosch, after all I’ve promoted a lot of his products, and I have a couple of them myself. So when he announced the launch of his new book, Forever Cash – I had to get a copy and read it, so that I could review it for you.

I absolutely loved his book. There is more wisdom in this book about how to become and stay wealthy then I’ve gotten from financial advisors. Plus the book comes with a web link to a special gift that is worth $197, and right now you can get the book for free – I’m not talking about an e-book, but an actual print book and all you need to do is pay the $6.95 shipping.

In this book Jack talks about his personal path to wealth and how you get out of the rat race and into the millionaire mindset. He describes three different kinds of cash, one-time cash, temporary cash, and forever cash. The book is about how to move from generating one-time cash to earning forever cash. The difference is that when you’re working for one-time cash, not matter how much money your earning, you’re trading your time for money that you only make once. You earn temporary cash on assets that you buy once and get paid for over time, but at some point the payments stop and you have to reinvest the money. Tax lien investing falls into this category. Real wealth is made when you take the money that earn from your temporary cast assets and buy forever cash assets – assets that will keep paying you forever. Jack gives a lot of examples about each one of these types of income and assets in the book.

Forever Cash?is also about how to go from living up-to or beyond your means, no matter if you’re a pauper or a millionaire, to living below your means so that you can save money to buy assets that will make you temporary cash and forever cash. If you’re looking for a way to get off the “hamster wheel” as Jack call it, this is a must read. In Chapter 11: What You Can Do To Create Seed Money, Jack gives 5 ways to make extra money, with multiple examples of each. There is a chapter on different types of assets and how to tell the difference between a good asset and a bad asset. There is also a chapter on dept and the difference between good dept and bad debt, and how to avoid bad debt. In the book’s conclusion Jack gives an excellent plan for getting out of debt.

I was excited about this book because I wanted to review it, but now that I read it, I’m really excited about it because it has encouraged me and inspired me in my own journey to be financially free and gave me some new ideas. I’ve already put some of these ideas into practice in my life, but I was focusing on temporary cash assets, now Jack has inspired me focus on forever cash. Thanks Jack!

I know that this book will inspire you too. And right now you can get it for free at, all you have to do is pay $6.95 for shipping. When you get the Forever Cash book you also get access to lots of free bonuses and tools including a forever cash planning kit – a $197 value.

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